Carbon Additives


Best quality Calcined Petroleum Coke for Grey Iron Foundries for Faster carbon pick up resulting lesser material consumption, better productivity and lesser power consumption.

Fixed Carbon 98-99 %
Volatile Matter 0.4 % max
Ash 0.3 % max
Sulphur 0.9 % max
Moisture 0.05 % max

One of the best Carbon Additives for S.G.Iron Foundries.
Graphite is one of the most stable forms of carbon. Graphite granules with us are processed from spent graphite electrodes that are broken down into granular form. The material is widely used in foundries and special steel manufacturers for carbon addition in liquid metal.

Specification :

Fixed Carbon                                    97 – 99 %

Sulphur                                                  0.03 – 0.04  % max.

Ash                                                           0.5 % max

Volatile Matter                                0.5 % max

Coconut Shell Charcoal (Zero Sulphur)

Coconut shell charcoal is used as carbon additive in Steel manufacturing and SG Iron castings for its zero sulphur content and fixed carbon of 78 % which gives more carbon recovery.

Specification Fixed Carbon 60 %
Moisture <10 %
Ash <4 %
Volatile Matter 10-12 %


Good thermal Conductivity, Small expansion coefficient, high temperature strength, small creep deformation, and also silicon carbide brick has good anti-iron scouring and corrosion resistance

RPC (Raw Petroleum Coke)

Raw Petroleum Coke is an energy efficient fuel and gives maximum amount of heat and least amount of ash.

Fixed Carbon              70 %

Ash                                   5  % max

Volatile Matter        0.3 % max

Moisture                       0.1  % max


CARBORISER 90% / 93%

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