Resins For Making Mould & Core

Silset (Silicate – Co2 Gas system)

How to use: –  First take Dry silica and  add Silicate base binder 4 to 5 % of sand for making  moulds and cores.Mixing can be done  with help of sand mixing machine it can be processed common mixtures as we as on continuous mixing devices. in this process the sand molding mixture is hardened by blowing co2 gas over the mold.
Applications:-  This process is ideal where speed and flexibility is the prime requirement. Moulds and cores of a varied sizes and shapes can be molded instantly by this process.

Korset (Single part air Setting)

A Single component addition which dries at room temperature without any heating. KORSET is compatible even with sand having high clay content which also is a definite advantage in foundries where the cores are made with River Sand. KORSET however having long stripping time, solid Mould & Core can made easily.
Product Specification : Appearance – Dark Brown Liquid resin
Product Addition Cycle :
1.Fist take dry Sand – 100 Parts
2.Add KORSET – 3 to 3.5% of sand
Advantages :
1. Single component addition easy to use & defect free castings.
2. Cored surface have For excellent finish & in many cases required no cleaning.
3. Total absence of moisture eliminates, defects like pinholes, blows from castings.
4 Mould & Cores made with KORSET, Save lots of labor cost .

Finocure – A , B , C

(Three Parts No Back Core Making System)

Product Specification:

  1. Part “A” –       Binder
  2. Part “B” –       Accelerator
  3. Part “C” –       Hardener

Product Addition Cycle:

  1. First take dry Wash Silica sand –           100 Parts
  2. Part ‘A’ Binder –           0 to 2.5%
  3. Part ‘B’ Accelerator –           5 to 10% Of Binder
  4. Part ‘C’ Hardener –           20 to 25% Of Binder


  1. Requires no baking. Various size mould and core made with ease ,completely self-curing system.
  2. Does not involve any unpleasant fumes.
  3. Can tolerate clay percentages up to 2%.
  4. Pleasant working properties akin to oil bonded sand.
  5. Cores strip cleanly. Excellent Break down properties.
  6. Even intricate cores can be made with ease and accuracy.
  7. cored sections are clean and free from sand fusion.


Product Specification:

  1. F-Set alkaline phenolic Resin
  2. Catalyst-ES

Production Addition Cycle:

  1. First take dry Wash Silica Sand – 100 Parts
  2. Add Part – 2 Catalyst-ES -20 to 22% of Resin
  3. Finally Add Part – 1 F-Set Resin    -1.8 to 2.5% of Sand


  1. F-Set is ideal for consistent and faster production line.
  2. Collapsibility is very Good, Lowest Gas evolution, offer reclaimability.
  3. Excellent casting surface, High Productivity & rapid strength development, Long core storage life.
  4. Easy Stripping from the pattern. No sticking.
  5. No Casting defects with steel casting (Free from veins, erosions & hot tears) due to excellent high temperature properties superior to other no bake resins.


The oldest PUCB ( Poly Urethane Amine cold Box system). This binder system gives large volume and high speed accurate core production.

Carbon Cure 101 (C.F.101)

A Newly developed Resin-co2 eco friendly core and mould making system give easy breakdown properties of sand exact dimension and large production is easily achievable.


Premier quality core oil is an economical sand binder System. Cores prepared with Kortel-75 after baking at 180 degree Celsius for 90 minutes gives higher strength, even at lower percentage addition. Lowest gas evolution, Easy stripping and fast caring are added advantages.

Catalyst PS (For Furane Resin)

A catalyst PS used as a catalyst to polymerise shinset resin. ( Furane Resin)


The newly devloped furane resin two part system for faster production and superb finishing of casting.

Korbond - PS

A nitrogen free Phenolic resin react with acid catalyst to be use production of steel, alloy steel casting auto component.

PF - 5004

A versatile phenolic resin system with catalyst to make resin coated sand having good strength, permeability & Lowest gas evolution.

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