Product for Copper foundry

Coverbrass (Covering Fluxes for Copper)

Protective Covering flux to stop heavy loss, remove gases and impurities for uniform cover for copper based foundries.

Deoxtube (Deoxidising tube for copper alloy)

Powerful Degasser to stop blow holes in copper based foundries.

Zinc Rax ( To remove zinc from Copper base Alloys)

Removal of Zinc, increase fluidity and shining of Non-ferrous alloys

Zinc fire

Removal of zinc, increase fluidity and shining of non-ferrous alloys.

Lead-fire ( Lead Remover)

Modern R & D product to increase fluidity, remove limited lead & zinc from copper based alloys.

Finhot Grade NF (Exhothermic compound for Copper base Alloys)

Powerful Exothermic Compound to increase temperature of non ferrous metals. Sprinkle in ladle for riser to keep metal hot for longer time.
Finhot 22 :- A Highly insulative compound to be added in ladle and riser for maintaining temperature of the metal.
Finhot 66 :- A Powerful Exothermic Compound To Keep Metal Hot For Longer Time In Ladle And Risers.

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